Healthyline Amethyst Infrared Heat Belt 54″ x 8″


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【WRAPS AROUND STOMACH OR LOWER BACK】: Design of the belt is specifically designed to wrap around the waist with the heating area targeting the stomach or the lower back. If you have lower back or abdomen pain or need relief, this is perfect for you.
【5 LBS NATURAL STONES BUILT IN】 Natural Crushed Amethyst Stones generate negative ions when heated. The ions gently soothe the covered area.
【FDA REGISTERED】 Healthyline branded products are FDA registered.
【9-HOUR AUTO SHUT-OFF】 Set automatic shut off time for up to 9 hours. Conserves energy and prevents burns caused by excessive heating
【1 YEAR WARRANTY】 After sale service available for any performance failures within 1 year. Only applies to failures caused by non-human damage.

Healthyline Amethyst Infrared Heat Belt 54″ x 8″



Only 3 Left In Stock At This Price! Hurry!

Availability: 3 in stock (can be backordered)

What’s In The Box

  • Amethyst Infrared Heat Belt 54″ x 8″
  • 5 lbs of Crushed Amethyst Stones Built In
  • Controller w/ Selected Voltage Outlet (Your choice of 110-120V or 220-240V. Please select before adding to cart)
  • Carrying Bag for Heat Pad & Controller
  • Instruction Manual & Warranty Card

How To Setup

  1. Open the box. Your box may have signs of wear on the outside due to shipping, however this does not mean that your product is damaged.
  2. Review the contents of your package. Make sure you have your controller and warranty card.
  3. Plug one end of the controller into the mat and the other into a power outlet. We suggest to always use a surge protector.
  4. Follow the controller instructions found later in this guide.
  5. Set the temperature according to your comfort. A low temperature (40°C = 102°F) is enough to get benefits.
  6. Use a towel or cover to protect the mat from moisture and stains. When doing so, make sure to cover the entire stone surface, or you could disrupt the heat sensors. It is also recommended to use extra padding to improve your comfort.
  7. You may use your mat for any duration of time. You can sleep on it overnight at a low temperature. It is suggested to start with 30-minute sessions, a few times a week.
  8. Stay hydrated! Drink water before and after use. The heat from the mat may make your body sweat more than usual.
  9. Do not to bend your mat in unusual places.
  10. Due to its multi-layered construction, you should expect your mat to take about an hour to reach the highest temperatures. Cover your mat to retain the heat, otherwise it will constantly go out into the air. Lie on the surface and use the weight of your body to press the gemstones against the inner heat layer, otherwise your mat may not reach its max temperature of 70°C.

How To Use

  1. After setting the temperature on the smart controller and placing heat pad on desired body area, wait for the heat pad to heat up.
  2. Heat may take longer depending on temperature that you set.
  3. When you start feeling the heat, take a deep breath and relax. The heat is only beginning!
  4. When the heat gets into the Jade Stones, negative ions will penetrate your body to help the relief process.
  5. After you take off the heat pad, you will still feel the heat for much longer than if you used a non-infrared and non-jade heat pad.

Temperature & Time Suggestions:
Begin at 37 °C, the average temperature of the human body. Gradually adjust from there until you find a heat setting you are comfortable with

  • 35-40 °C (95-104 °F) for overnight use
  • 45-55 °C (113-131 °F) for 2 hours or more
  • 55-65 °C (131-149 °F) for 30-90 minute sessions
  • 65-70 °C (149-158 °F) for 30-60 minute sessions


  • Helps give temporary relief from minor muscle and stiffness.
  • Helps give temporary relief from joint pain.
  • Helps give temporary relief from muscle spasms.
  • Helps give temporary relief from minor sprains and strains.
  • Helps give temporary relief from minor muscular back pain.
  • Helps give temporary increase of local circulation where applied.
  • Helps your muscles relax.
  • Utilizes negative ions to help relieve stress and boost energy.

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